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Fertility & Womb Massage

Fertility and womb massage is a nourishing abdominal sacral massage which helps to improve blood flow, break down scar tissue and improve circulation to the reproductive organs. Fertility acupuncture uses specific acupuncture points used during different times of the menstrual cycle to promote hormonal balance and menstrual health, or to complement an assisted reproduction technique such as IVF. Combining fertility massage with fertility acupuncture can support menstrual issues such as endometriosis, PCOS or heavy periods.

If you have had a miscarriage; traumatic labour; termination; sexual trauma; menstrual issues,or have been trying to get pregnant for some time you can consciously or non-consciously cut yourself off from your body feeling that it has somehow 'failed' you. With some gentle massage, visualisation, and self-care it is possible to re-build a connection to your body.

In times of stress, your body will divert resources away from the 'non-essential' systems such as the digestive and reproductive systems. Acupuncture and fertility massage will help you access your rest and digest response (parasympathetic), sending a message to your nervous system that it is safe to conceive and nourish a baby.

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