Fertility Wellbeing: Types

Fertility Types

Your fertility focus

We have been supporting couples on their fertility journey since 1999. We have worked with a wide range of circumstances, such as couples trying to improve their health pre-conception, supporting women who have a diagnosis of endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids, same-sex couples using donor sperm, complementing the IVF process, improving sperm parameters, secondary infertility, donor eggs, pregnancy after miscarriage, surrogacy and adoption. We are here to support you on your path to parenthood whatever your diagnosis or needs.

The five fertility fields

We can help you get really specific with your approach by identifying the main fertility fields to focus on.

Generally, our clients fit into one or two of these areas, which helps them to tailor their self-care to improve their chances of conception

Pale and Dry (Blood deficiency)

Symptoms: Pale face, dry skin, anaemia, constipation, fatigue, dry hair, difficulty falling asleep, feelings of panic, thin uterine lining, low sperm count, weak erections

My focus: To improve your blood circulation, help you identify the areas of your life where you are overworking.

Your focus: To use castor oil packs over your womb, eat regularly, eat blood nourishing foods, have your iron levels checked

Stuck and Irritable (Liver stagnation)

Symptoms: Anger, frustration, irritability, tension headaches, PMS, endometriosis, painful periods, clots, fibroids, tight shoulders, sore breasts, erectile dysfunction,

My focus: To regulate the liver and remove stagnation and help you identify unprocessed emotions

Your focus: To eat foods to support your liver, to use a castor oil pack over your liver, to listen to your body

Tired and Cold (Yang and Qi deficiency)

Symptoms: Cold hands and feet, cold abdomen, hypothyroidism, loose bowels, bloating, fatigue, easily gain weight, low libido, heavy periods, low progesterone, low sperm count and motility, weak erections

My focus: Strengthen your digestion, nourish yang and promote qi

Your focus: To have your progesterone, thyroid and iron levels tested, to eat warming foods, drink warming drinks, keep your feet and belly warm

The Water Retention (Spleen Qi deficiency)

Symptoms: Loose stools, water retention, bloating, over-worrying, PCOS, eczema, hayfever, irregular periods, thick cervical mucus, low sperm count and motility

My focus: To nourish the spleen, improve digestion and remove damp

Your focus: To balance your blood sugar levels, reduce dairy intake, take your time to chew and digest your food, improve your stress management

The Dry and Hot (Yin deficiency)

Symptoms: Dry skin, thin hair, anxiety, don't sleep through the night, constipation, sweating hands and feet, low oestrogen, low cervical fluids, hot flushes, low sperm count

My focus: To nourish yin, look at where you are giving away your energy

Your focus: Eat yin nourishing food, build rest into your daily routine

Don't worry if you cannot identify your fertility field, even if I see 10 people all with the same diagnosis they will all need a slightly different treatment approach and I can support you with a focus specifically for you. Our combination of acupuncture, CranioSacral therapy and fertility and womb massage along with self-care tips will help to improve all aspects of your health and promote your chances of conceiving whether that is naturally or with assistance.

Go to our Acupuncture for fertility page to find out more about how acupuncture can help you on your journey, or our 12 Fertility tips page to find out natural ways to boost your chances of conception.

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